Jerry the Rockhound…

Like many other people, my father was an avid collector of different things.  Above all else, he became a lover of minerals and gemstones.  His title of “Rockhound” was acquired many, many years ago.  For those who aren’t familiar with the word “Rockhound” it is a term used for a geologist or amateur mineral collector.  Hounds are excellent at searching for and finding certain things.  Ergo…Rockhound.


As a young girl, I recall walking alongside him through the woods and mud in search of Alabama blue agate.  It was a tiring trip.  We prodded the ground more times than I can remember and carried buckets of dirty rocks back to the van.  Of course, I was too young to really understand the value and worth of what we were doing, but I knew that playing in the mud with my dad was one memory that I would never forget.

On another occasion, we traveled to a sapphire mine in North Carolina.  I believe it was our first time panning for gold.  I didn’t get a super thrill from that, but I did enjoy shoveling loads of dirt into a bucket, carrying it to the sluice, and finding a 38 carat sapphire that put me in their “Book of Honkers.”  I can still remember the excitement and smiles between my parents and myself.

Throughout the years, dad met people from all walks of life that enjoyed the same love and admiration of mother natures finest creations.  Our family learned more about rocks than we ever imagined possible.  In all honesty, it is truly hard to remember it all.  It is usually easier to remember our favorites than the good old Leverites (as in..leave it right there because it is a worthless stone).

In re-opening the store, it is my hope to share more of this passion with the public and ignite a fire in potential future rockhounds no matter the age.  My father spent much of his time talking about rocks, minerals, and gemstones with just about anyone who may have been interested.  So, if you’re a lover or even slightly curious…please come visit us.  We’d love to chat, learn, and share.